Zorb soccer is rapidly becoming an increasingly popular sport today. It is a crazy, fun and a recreational sport in which everyone, from any age group can participate and enjoy, as long as you are not a minor. Bubble football is another way of playing the special game of football. The difference is, while playing bubble soccer, your body is immersed within the transparent bubble, which is the zorb soccer.

This game is suitable for many parties and events like Birthday party, Bachelor party, corporate events or any other event you can think of. It is also a must game to organize in a park as it attracts the kids. Bubble football promises lots of fun, rolling, laughter and bumping. Bubble football is also a fun way of exercising and shedding off your calories.

Bubble football can be played both indoors and outdoors. You can set the rules for the game yourself and be ready for a hilarious experience. It is less dangerous than a normal football game as your body is covered by the zorb soccer, and you can land safely when you fall.

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